Web Design

As a freelance designer I'm passionate about creating beautiful, functional websites on a budget. I've got stacks of experience and I'm always improving so if you need a quick turn around or don't know where to start, I'm your man.

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Web Design

I design websites that fit my clients’ specific requirements. I understand that each client has different aims and objectives that they need a website to fulfil, and with my experience and knowledge, I know that can deliver the perfect design solution for you as well. Clients are kept involved throughout the design process so designs are always tailored to fit their vision.
Because I have experience in designing both corporate and creative websites that are usable, accessible and standards compliant, whatever your web design needs are, Chris Burns Design has it covered.

Freelance Website Design

Hiring a freelance web designer has a number of benefits. Cost, speed and personal service rates are all greatly improved whilst giving you 1 to 1 access to the person actually working with your website. Contact me today for a quote or leave a message on our site and I will get back to you lickety split!

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